The milk program was designed to help babies who are not getting enough food or nutrients in their diet. Most mothers here nurse their children but in certain situations, mothers are not able to. In these cases, many mothers do not have enough money to buy formula. Some are able to get cows milk which is cheaper but not as healthy for young babies. Others, who are not able to get cows milk, will resort to feeding their baby sugar water. What we do on the milk program is provide the mothers with formula that they can feed their child so that they can grow up strong and healthy. We also look after their health by taking them for check-ups and taking them to a doctor if they are sick.


This was the first baby that was ever on the food program. When we first met her she was extremely sick and malnourished. Her and her mother came to live with us and when she was 10 months she still weighed just 10.2 pounds. 

We are happy to say though, that by God's grace, this baby started doing extremely well. As of 17 months she was still behind on a number of milestones (as would be expected for a malnutritioned baby) but her weight increased dramatically and she was finally beginning to crawl and stand up by herself. Our goal is to be able to help many children like her so that they can grow into strong, healthy children.

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Abba's Home Ministries is a missionary sending agency doing work in Madagascar with orphans. Abba's Home is a missionary sending agency doing work in Madagascar with orphans.