Our work is  based out of a city named Fort Dauphin on the southern coast of Madagascar. The city has a population of about 60,000 and most of our work will be done within the city and in the surrounding bush regions which are hard to access.


This home will be the first home that the children will live at. Eventually though,  we would like, to be able to buy land where we can build many houses for our families to live at. Our dream would be to have the children living in houses with parents and a community that will love and take care of them with God's unconditional love.





Our desire is to show God's love here in Madagascar. We primarily want do this in two ways:

(1) By providing a family for children in need. Here in the South of Madagascar, some children cannot live with their biological parents as a result of the death of their parents, physical abuse, or unbearable living conditions. Our goal is to give these children, not only shelter, basic necessities, and an education, but a family filled with God's love that they can call their own.

(2) By reaching Madagascar with the love and gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to go to regions that are difficult to get to and work with people that may have never heard the good news.

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Abba's Home Ministries is a missionary sending agency doing work in Madagascar with orphans. Abba's Home is a missionary sending agency doing work in Madagascar with orphans.